What does evangelism look like now?


We've been exploring the topic of Evangelism at our church this year.  All the related sunday talks I've made including the latest one 'Why would anyone be a Christian?' can be found here.

We're nearly at the end of that series, and in outline it explored, that evangelism should be through relationship, as we live the Gospel.  Are we living the Gospel, or are we ordering our lived around something else?  Within this we looked at the Gospel and money, work, family, marriage, church etc.

We also explored that the Gospel is not about prayers to go to heaven when we die and it's not about Jesus getting us all the goodies of the consumer life, like some magic talisman.  Both those approaches are two sides of the same coin, of a Gospel centred around the very problem of human beings dislocation from God, and his mission in the world.  

And the Gospel is not religion, it breaks religion, the religion of institutional control, and the religion of the self making individual, consuming the resources of Christianity when it wants or needs something.

Then we turned our attention to some aspects of having confidence in sharing that way of life with others, in a secular society that insists we keep our faith private, whilst it gets to practice its own form of religion in public.

Yesterday we explored something pragmatic, if people asked us the question, 'why would/should I be a christian?' how might we respond.

What's the state of evangelism in your part of the world?