Social Media Boot Camp: London, Saturday 4th September 2010


Advance notice of this event that I've been planning.


Social Media Boot Camp

Date: Saturday 4th September 2010

Location: London Institute of Contemporary Christianity 

Timings:  9:30am - 3:30pm

Costs: £10 registration


Social Media has exploded into everyday life with people sharing a tidal wave of photos, videos, words and audio.  It’s no longer a question of whether to get involved in Social Media, but how to.


The Social Media boot camp on Saturday 4th September will explore, safely, personally and simply:

  1. What is Social Media, why is it here and why is it important?
  2. The main popular tools of social media including blogging, Facebook and Twitter
  3. How you might better use Social Media for your own communication and life
  4. How your organisations, church, and ministry might engage strategically and meaningfully with Social Media

We’ll be led on the day by two Christians who are experts in social media, Dave Merwin of Pure Blue, and Lee Goodger of Edelman.  


The organisations partnering in this event (Evangelical Alliance UK, London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, London School of Theology and George Fox Seminary), are passionate about resourcing Christians and the local church, as they themselves learn to work with Social Media.


So for an orientation for you and your organisation around Social Media, make sure you book your place early.  Registration links will be up and working from 1st July 2010. 


Any questions do email me at

p.s Inspiration for title of this event came from friends here.