Personal Religion, Public Reality?


Slipstream (EAUK) put me onto this new book by Dallas Willard, 'Personal Religion, Public Reality?' with their review.  Slipstream are also carrying an interview with Dallas Willard here.

I'm a big fan of Willard, his books have inspired me.  I heard him speak in 1999 at a Vineyard Church young leaders event, on belief and doctrines, about how we know
and form practices around belief.  It was...well life changing.

From the review of the book:

"Serious and thoughtful Christians today find themselves in a quandary about knowledge, on the one hand, and religious belief and practice, on the other. It is a socially imposed quandary. In the context of modern life and thought, they are urged to treat their central beliefs as something other than knowledge - something, in fact, far short of knowledge. Those beliefs are to be relegated to the categories of sincere opinion, emotion, blind commitment or behaviour traditional for their social group. And yet they cannot escape the awareness that those beliefs do most certainly come into conflict with what is regarded as knowledge in educational and professional circles of public life. This conflict has profound effects upon how they hold and practise religious beliefs and how they present them to others. Those effects are most clearly seen, on the public stage, in the repositioning of Christian teachers and leaders during the last century. They have been left to preside over the rituals of one or another cultural sub-group that, from the viewpoint of received knowledge, is nothing more than a sociological phenomenon - an 'opiate' of certain people - having nothing to do with knowledge of a reality with which all human beings must come to terms."