New missional 'open learning' community UK & Germany Sept 2010

So the Global Missional Leadership Doctor of Ministry programme that I am leading for George Fox, is due to start 1st September.
I've written about the program previously, and details are here.
But you don't have to be a student on the DMin program to take part with us. In fact we are hoping that this program will resource a much wider learning community, centred around the theme of the program, on missional leadership for 'reflective practitioners'.
All the materials from the programme, reading, online resources, recordings from events will be put online for anyone to follow along with us.
In terms of events, we are meeting at the locations below, that anyone is welcome to join us at.
1st SeptemberRippon College, Oxford.  An afternoon with Martyn Percy at Rippon College.  Martyn will be talking about congregations and missions. Jim Belcher is also joining us for the afternoon.
2nd September:  London School of Theology.  In particular Cathy Ross who is moving from CMS to LST, will be with us talking about missiology from a woman's perspective.  I've attached one of her papers to this post fyi.
3rd September: Ridley hall, Cambridge.  We'll be meeting with David Male, to explore Fresh Expressions and mission, and with Maggi Dawn, who will sharing about her new book.
4th September:  Social Media Boot Camp, hosted at London Institute of Christianity, in partnership with EA UK and, LST.
6th to 7th September:  Nuremberg and Erlangen, Germany.  Meeting with Peter Aschoff, and exploring mission, culture and church history.
So anyone is welcome to join is at any of these venues to take part in the events scheduled.  Also around the events we'll be exploring the locations we are in. Making plenty of space and time to talk, eat and explore, to which all are welcome.
So my hope is that these people at these locations will provide great resources, that anyone can sample on the day or online later.  And I hope they are accessible to people who want to travel with us in person at these locations, talking and sharing over meals as we explore not just the topics, but out lives in these great locations.
So if you're interested in joining us, please do come along and I'll post more details as we have them.

Missiology from a Womanperspective2010.doc Download this file