My top 20 books


I had a great afternoon yesterday at the London School of Theology, with about 20 canadian baptist pastors.  Anna Robins asked me to present/input around the topic of Emerging Church.

At the end of the session, Anna asked if I could email her my top 10 book suggestions including the ones I had already mentioned during the conversation.  Now I've sat in my office early this morning pondering how on earth to come up with a list of 10 books and instead landed on 22.
So here are the 22 most influential books in my life, some that are popular level, some slightly academic, some academic, some Christian, some not.  As I looked at my book shelves I asked myself, which books had shaped and inspired my thinking and practice of church, as it relates to issues of church and culture.
So here they are.  What would your top 10 be?

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