Apple 6 - Weds 7th July - Is The City A Machine for the Making of Gods?

I just got this from Kester Brewin on email, looks very interesting, and in London.

Since April 10th, that's nearly 100 days, the ruptured oil well at Deepwater Horizon has been emptying around 40,000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico. 11 rig-workers were killed and the cost to the local economy is set to be in the billions of dollars... All to feed our addiction to black gold.

Apple returns next Wednesday for the last event before we break for the summer and we're really excited to have Anthony Paul Smith from Nottingham University with us.

A theologian and philosopher he'll be addressing, among other things, the BP oil disaster through the lens of two philosophers - contrasting Heidegger's idea of 'living poetically on the earth' with Henri Bergson's notion of 'the mystical found in the mechanical.'
Smith's thesis is that cities - and their accompanying technologies - may actually be the only way that we can save ourselves from ecological disaster, and will be twisting Martin Heidegger's maxim that 'only a god can save us now' to argue that rather than rejecting technology, the only way for us to survive on the earth – poetically or not – will be to put the city at the heart of our ecology.

Anthony will be speaking for around half an hour, then we'll open up for a discussion around technology, ecology and life beyond oil... All over nice cold beer and fine food!

Weds 7th July from 7:30pm
Upstairs at the Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, London. Map here

See you there!