Society of Vineyard Scholars Feb 3-5, 2011 Seattle, USA


We are very pleased to announce that the second annual Society of Vineyard Scholars conference will be held February 3-5, 2011 in Seattle, Washington, USA. The theme of the conference is: "By The Renewal Of Your Mind: Imagining, Describing, and Enacting the Kingdom of God."

Our plenary speaker will be acclaimed Christian philosopher, theologian, and cultural critic, Professor James K. A. Smith of Calvin College. A friend of the Vineyard, his astute insight into education, worship, postmodernity, orthodoxy, and the Kingdom of God has much of value to say to the Society of Vineyard Scholars. Six panel sessions spread over Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning will feature presentations of and responses to papers written by SVS participants, focusing on aspects of the conference’s larger theme. This intellectual interaction around the work of SVS members forms the heart of what we will do together. Alongside our regular panel sessions, we will also have special opportunities to hear from Professor Bo Karen Lee (Princeton Theological Seminary), Dr. Bob Ekblad (Tierra Nueva/Mars Hill Graduate School; author ofReading The Bible With The Damned and A New Christian Manifesto), Bert Waggoner (National Director, VineyardUSA), and others to be announced.

We will make time for prayer, worship, and prophetic ministry, as well as allowing plenty of time for people to interact and form relationships. There will be a wine and cheese reception, lunchtime breakouts for people with particular shared interests, and more.

Mark your calendars! Book your flights! You won't want to miss this conference! For more details, see the SVS Events website.

SUBMIT A PAPER TO SVS 2011 (THIS MEANS YOU!) (click here to download the Call For Papers)

All who are working on or have earned a graduate degree in any field are encouraged to submit a paper for consideration that has general relevance to the conference theme. There are also four specific areas under the general rubric of the conference theme in which submissions are particularly encouraged. They are: Imagining Discipleship, Doctrines of Justification, Epistemology and the Kingdom, and the Formation of Orthodoxy. SVS highly values an interdisciplinary approach; in order to adequately address these themes and questions, it is necessary to hear theologically-reflective perspectives from a wide variety of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and even the natural sciences. No disciplinary perspective is out of bounds.

We particularly welcome papers from women and non-white men,  voices which have been historically underrepresented in theological dialogues to the detriment of the conversation in general. This is of course in no way to discourage the participation of white men(!) but rather to encourage the full participation of all who believe in the mission of the Society of Vineyard Scholars.

For a full description of the general theme and specific foci of this conference, as well as for technical details on how to submit your work, click here to download the 2011 Call For Papers.

We hope that you are as thrilled about the establishment of the Society of Vineyard Scholars as we are, and we look forward to developing this nascent community of theological discourse with you. As always, if you have any further questions, please email the SVS at

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