Re-imagining evangelicalism?


The next series that we are planning to explore at is on Evangelicalism.

We'll be taking some time with our guest authors to plan that series, and I hope it will start at the beginning of September.  Some of the initial questions I am asking as we plan that series are below.  What ones would you want to add, ask?

1.  What is evangelicalism?
2.  Why would anyone still want to be evangelical?
3.  Does evangelicalism have its own tradition to draw on for renewal?
4.  What might be being lost in the post-evangelical move?
5.  What has gone wrong with Evangelicalism?
6.  Is Evangelicalism just a passing fad of the last 200 years?
7.  Is Evangelicalism inimical to capitalism?
8.  Can Evangelicalism be renewed, should it be renewed?
9.  What understanding does Evangelicalism have of being 'Church?'
10. How might Evangelicalism be connected to the 'Great Tradition' of the Church?