Giving Church another chance


I've known Todd Hunter 22 years, since I was 19 years old, and I studied for my Doctor of Ministry with Todd through George Fox Seminary, graduating with him in 2006.

Todd made the transitions from vineyard church planter, to National Director of Vineyard Churches USA, then dramatically resigned to pursue planting missional churches, then became the director for Alpha in the USA, and most recently made the move into Anglicanism, and is currently a missional bishop.

Todd has a new book out, 'Giving Church another chance: finding new meaning in spiritual practices'.  I found this boon interesting and well worth reading for a few reasons:

1.  Scott McKnight's Foreword:  It's worth reading the foreword by McKnight, for his assessment of the deconstruction of church, and the current move by some  an ecclesial turn, whilst others continue with a type of individualistic ecclesiolgy.  McKnight locates Todd within this analysis as turning back into the church.

2. Todd's History: Todd tells his own story, and all his church transitions in his own words, and it's fascinating.

3. Ecclesial Turn: I had conversations with Todd over the years, often asking him where was the church in his suggestions for mission, evangelism, spiritual formation.  I think filtering his thoughts through some ecclesiology gives his work a needed turn.  Becoming and Anglican Missional Bishop must have necessitated some proposals about the necessity of church, and it's encouraging to read that in this work.