Vineyard values Re-imagined: #2. The Kingdom of God


We began our new series re-imaginging Vineyard Church distinctives/values  for our emerging contexts, with the 'bible' last week.  This week we turn to the 'Kingdom of God'.

For a classical summary of the Vineyard Church movements understanding and use theological use of 'the Kingdom of God', see this article by Don Williams, Phd.

At it's heart, there is an articulation that there is a 'now but not yet' to our experience of the Kingdom, it has broken into this world, but is not fully here, such that:

'This illuminates our present experience. It explains both the reality of our triumph in Christ and the continuing spiritual warfare which we fight on many fronts. It explains the reality that we have died with Christ, and the flesh still wars against the spirit. It explains why some people are dramatically healed by the power of God and also continue to get sick and die. It explains why we have strength through weakness and life through death. If we break this tension we either end up in the resignation of "cessationism" (God doesn't work miracles today), or the triumphalism of perfectionism (God always works miracles if we have the faith to believe him). The good news is that the future kingdom is now at work in the present. We are not waiting for the end; we are living in the end. By the power of the Spirit we are enabled to live between the times.' Don Williams

How might we re-imagine that today, and how might it resource more than ever the conexts we find ourselves in?