Vineyard Distinctives Re-imagined: #1. The Bible


So this week we begin our series with guest authors in reflecting on Vineyard Church distinctives and re-imaginging them for our emerging contexts.

My hope is that this process will also be helpful for others outside Vineyard Churches, as they seek to do the same with similar distinctives.  And that anyone outside vineyard churches, will lend us their needed perspectives on these values.

One common theme I'll be suggesting for all these 'distinctives' is how they need to find their 'renewal' within a resourcement by the larger church in history.

We start this week with the bible, and I'll make the first post in response tommorow.  So you'll see posts by me and guest authors this week, so jump in with comments when you are ready.

1.  The Bible: Having a passion for the bible, with a centrality and confidence in bible for the Christian life.