Off to the Society of Vineyard Scholars


I'm travelling today, to the first event of The Society of Vineyard Scholars.

I'll be presenting a paper, based on some of my PhD research into consumerism, identity formation and ecclesiology.

I'm looking forward not just to the papers and discussions, but the time with other Vineyard pastors, and the hope that we really do rigorously explore some of the theological questions and challenges our movement faces.

I have very much in mind, that it was 1999, when I travelled to a Vineyard event organised by Todd Hunter, that had Dallas Willard, Brian McLaren and Stanley Grenz presenting. That event changed the course of my life, and got me back into the theological reflection and studies, that have shaped the last decade of my life and ministry

This paper ' Perspectives on Church, Gospel & Culture in the 21st Century' by Todd Hunter, now 11 years old (that I remember like it was yesterday), seems so prescient for our discussions this week.  In some ways it would make a great paper to have presented again.