Deep Church moving location


Back in mid january I mooted the idea of moving my blogging from here back to Thanks for all your comments and feedback/suggestions.

I've decided to make that move, and this will take place later this month. Reasons I've landed on are:

1. Focus: I want to blog about more than Deep Church theological issues, including church planting, Christians and mental health, church leadership, teaching/preaching resources, the nature of full time church ministry etc. Running and is also a challenge in terms of focus and costs.

2. Deep Church - Jim Belcher: Jim tells me that my site was the inspiration for his book title :-) A great book, that has a strong presence under 'Deep Church', and I want to differentiate this site from there in terms of identity.

3. Future developments: A site under my name is easier to develop and change direction than one with a smaller focus.

The Deep Church site will stay alive, but stop being a blog and become a site for resources around that topic, and connections.