Should I move away from Deep Church?


Back on the 4th January in my review of last year I suggested I might move my blogging away from here at Deep Church and back into

Firstly with facebook, twitter and the larger online life I have, having everything under the one site might be easier for me and make more sense.

Also with the publication of Deep Church, by Jim Belcher (which I think is a great book BTW, it’s mapping of a third way between traditional and emerging church, is where I find myself for sure), I’ve been asking myself what my focus is here?

And that leads me to think that I need to move out more broadly into areas other than theological musings on ecclesiology.

I’ve wanted for some time to write out of the 13 years experience of church planting, about the concrete experience of church planting, warts and all. I want to write more about the dynamic of mental health and healing in the Christian life. I also want to write more out my research about the possibilities for the renewal of Evangelicalism. I also want to write about the nature of pastoral ministry, of life as a full time pastor, what that has been like and what I have been learning.

So I'm still left wondering if that would work better under or here at Deep Church?