Environmental stewardship and the Gospel


In Spring 2007 I taught a series at our church on the Environment, trying to bring together some of our values and practices as a community, to place them in a theological context, and stimulate more action by us.  You can download them here.  Topics included: Seeing the Wood From the Trees, Why God Values Creation, Redemption and Stewardship, There's No Such Thing as Christian Ethics.

As a community we are wanting to find more ways to easily engage with environmental issues.  One practical way we are planning on approaching things, is with the http://www.1010uk.org/ web site.  This sites let's people sign up to reduce their carbon emissions by 10%, in 2010, and provides lots of ideas of easy things to do.

In our church I am hoping that we can extend this, by inviting our folks to not only sign up, but to then have a wiki on our church site, that let's people show what they have signed up for and are doing, and encourage others to join them.  We are also going to encourage people to invite 10 friends by the end of 2010 to join in with them.

Any practical resources you have seen that are easy to access like this, and track people's engagement?