Confessions of a Public Speaker


A large and increasing part of what I do is public speaking.

Whether teaching in worship services, classes at seminaries, speaking at conferences, or training in small groups, I'm regulalry having to put stuff together and share it with other people, for varied reasons.

So I'm always on the lookout for resources that will help me in preparing, and presenting.  And a cracker of a book just came into my life the other day.

I reckon this book, by Scott Berkun, 'Confessions of a Public Speaker' has to be the most refreshing and inspiring book for public speaking that I have come across in a long time.  I've found myself looking forward to reading it not only to become a better communicator, but just for the shear entertainment it provides.

Some books are about making your slides all zen and apple like (that leave me wishing I had the time and skills of a full time designer).  Some are technical on the nature and dynamics of communication skills, and some are about the process of researching and distilling materials for presentation content.

Confessions of a Public Speaker is something different, with the inside and personal story of a great public speaker, that is entertaining, inspiring and stuffed full of tips of the nature of public speaking and what makes a great public speaker.

An inside view of what great public speaking look, feels and smells like, and anyone speaking in public should read it.

Any other resources you have found useful?