A taxi, tube, two trains, and another taxi


So I left home at 5:15 am yesterday, travelled by taxi, tube, two trains and another taxi and arrived bang on time for speaking at the Leicester Diocesan conference.

I gave my presentation on 'The transformative possibilities and challenges for worship in contemporary culture?’, and it seemed to be well received and prompted some great questions afterwards.

It was recorded for sound and video.  My notes and powerpoint are on the Clergy Conference web site, and the Diocese will have the talk online here from 25th january.

I got to meet Jules Gomez, who was teaching on worship at the conference, and is a lecturer in biblical theology at my alma mater, London School of Theology.

What a great guy, aside from his profound teaching abilities.

It was great to catch up briefly with Maggi Dawn, too long since I last spoke with her.

Another highlight was the mindmap/visual mapping that was being made through the conference of all the speakers and conversations. I took some photos of the mappings of my presentation, one of them is above.

Then lunch, and some time with pioneer mission people including Martin Poole, who leads www.beyondchurch.co.uk. It was great to meet him, and I came away with admiration for all he is doing in Brighton.

Also meeting so many other wonderful people at the event, including Stuart Burns and Mike Harrison, who invited me in the first place.

Then I made my train from Alfreton to Nottingham with seconds to spare, which turned out to be fortuitous, in that on my train to London from Nottingham, I bumped into Steve Hollinghurst, who I have been trying to meet up for over the last year or so. So that was a great way to pass the two hour trip back to London.