Within your present


I got this on email from Dan Wilt.

It was the most stunning thing I have read this Christmas, that moved me to worship.  Have a great Christmas and see you all in the new year.

Within Your Present: A Christmas Encouragement

Through your past, within your present, and into your

future, the living Christ walks with you.

Know this about your Lord and Master - flesh and blood

adorn him, not as decoration, costume or mask, but as his

very state of being. To be God and man, is to be the living

Lord Jesus, the Christ of Christmas.

The Incarnate Lord is Who Jesus is and will be - His

actions toward you have always, and will always, be

rooted in His abiding awareness of what it means to be

a fragile human being.

Take the hand of the One who walks with you, within

your present. He is human forever and God above all,

and thus He fully knows you - and loves you.

May the indwelling Spirit of God encourage you, and

strengthen you, through the days and nights of this

season of celebration.

A Joyous Christmas To You,

Dan Wilt