Thinking about Church planting?


When we planted our church, back in April 1997, and the enormity of what we had undertaken had begun to hit me, I started looking around for resources on church planting.

Stuart Murray-Williams book on church planting, came along in 1998, became one of the first books I remember that opened my eyes to to our post-christian, and missional context for church planting.

It remains a great book for anyone thinking about church planting. Stuart is part of the Incarnate network, which is focused on baptist church planting in the UK. But their events and resources are open to anyone.

Incarnate are meeting for two days, 23-25 March 2010 (according to their site) to 'explore church planting themes; using stories of church planting, discussion, coaching, shared meals and workshops.

We share barn-conversions around the courtyard, eating in our houses: relaxing, relational and a great way to network and support each other. Whether you are a newbie to church planting, a veteran or overseer you will find other people here like you and will be warmly welcomed whether from the UK or mainland Europe.'

Looks like a great event for any church planters out there.