Re-imagining Evangelism: your suggestions?


In the New Year, I'll be leading our church community in a series on 'Evangelism'. In the 12 years of our church plant I've never undertaken such a series.

We've certainly explored what evangelism isn't, or at least the kinds of evangelism that seem so alienating and ineffective, from many of our previous church experiences.

And it's heart we've been convinced that a community of people passionately pursuing Jesus is the best form of evangelism.

But we've come to a point, where it seems time to explore evangelism more explicitly. At a time when it's far easier to share with others loss of faith, doubts and de-conversion, where and how do we have confidence to see our friends, relatives and communities hand over control of their lives to Jesus with others?

So as I collect my thoughts and start outlining that series, I wondered what resources you might recommend to me and our community?