One of my earliest TV memories is being aged 5 and watching the third Dr Who 'John Pertwee' become the fourth Dr Who 'Tom Baker' in 1974.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

But I enjoyed a regeneration experience that was far greater this week, when I got to baptise 6 people from our church community.

Hearing stories of people finding faith, their struggles, confessions, and life changing conversion through relationship with Jesus and his church, then standing in water, baptising these wonderful people, knowing I was taking part in an experience of christian worship and regeneration, I felt pabably a connection to the body of Jesus, and the weight of a 2,000 year succession.

When people talk about how they'd like to die, quietly in their sleep, well mine would be in the waters of baptism.  As the last candidate gets out would be one of my choices.  Might be a bit dramatic, but it's one of those moments for me, where I feel in touch with my faith and the meaning life it's deepest level.

And it reminds my of why I got into church planting, and why I spend the time I do in study, reflection, ministry and work, to hear more stories of lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and Christ's indwelling.

You can view more photos from the baptism here.