King's College London: Emerging Church course


King's College Lodon, have an MA in Contemporary Ecclesiology.

I've been asked to teach on the 9th December within one of the modules for this M.A. on the Emerging Church.  I've just finished my outline and bibliography, details are below:

Aims & Objectives

Emerging Church: A survey of trends in thinking within the ‘emerging church’ network. This will explore theological themes underlying the movement, its relationships with established patterns within the traditional denominations, and the rediscovery and re-use of traditional forms within such churches.


1.  ‘What is the Emerging Church’: An anterior history of emerging church, it’s current status and manifestations

2.  ‘What lies beneath’: A theological mapping and critique of the emerging church

3. ‘The Market Driven Church?’: How far is the Emerging Church a critical response to the problems of ecclesiology being captivity to the logic of the market and how far is it a continuation of that problematic?

4.  ‘The Renewal of Liturgy’: A theological examination and exploration of the renewal of liturgy by the emerging church, and of how far this represents a turn to traditioned understandings and imaginations for ecclesiology.

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