Jason Clark: radio interviews


I was interviewed last friday by Alex MacManus for his blogtalk radio show, you can catch the interview here.

Then tomorrow, I'm being interviewed by Premier Radio, but I'm not sure when that interview is due to be broadcast.

Meantime here are the questions, I'm told I'll be asked:

1. Is leading a church something you imagined yourself doing when you were at school?

2. What was your journey to serving with Sutton Vineyard?

3. You once hosted a website that aided a discussion around emerging church issues and have now moved on to consider the merits of what is known as ‘deep church’ Can you talk about your progression, what you are sure about and what questions remain?  [we have considered emerging church on the show before, but please define – inasmuch as you are able!]

4. Supplementary questions arising from above.

5. The Vineyard movement of churches has been typically wedded to the Charismatic evangelical scene – are you aware of many prepare to investigate alternative models, or is Sutton Vineyard unusual in this respect?

6. Traditional church leadership has dealt in certainties – the senior pastor teaches the truth found in the Bible and it is rare that doubts are expressed, either about that truth, or what the church needs to be and do. Consequently it is rare that a church leader is ‘allowed’ to go on any sort of journey themselves, while remaining the leader. I am guessing that you see leadership differently, and Sutton Vineyard do too?

7. Emerging church in all its various forms has been irritating to conservative evangelicals, causing one notable, Don Carson to write a book highly critical of some elements emerging church approaches to truth. It seems to me that conservatives typically don’t ‘get it’. You must have faced these criticisms yourself. What is your response?

8. Who has helped your thinking that might be accessible to listeners looking to get a handle on ‘Christian’ approaches to postmodernism? (Please be prepared to be expansive in your answer!)

9. You are keen to help leaders learn and are involved in a new doctor of ministry program due to launch in January 2010. How did that come about and what is the aim?