Crush IT!


I planned on making two posts this week on "Church Rater', and 'Do Christians Spend too Much Time in Church?' but had one of those weeks where things got away from me, so these will appear next week.

Meantime, a book recommendation.  Dave Merwin put me onto 'Crush It!" by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Aside from the subtitle and idea of the book to help you monetise your online life, beyond that it really is one of the best, and easiest books I have come across to explain social media and how to use it.  Not in the technical sense, of how to set up a twitter account, but more the big picture, how and why twitter works.

So for all those people who wonder what the point of facebook, twitter, et al are, this might be 'the' book to switch them onto to the possibilities and need to engage in social media.

Some creative ways of engaging with the author come from the number of books you buy.  A sliding scale from a personal video, an hours skype time, and finally a 2 hour face to face time, is novel, and could work for organisations wanting to get large groups of people up to speed with social media.