Christian Fundamentalism and British Evangelicalism: Exploring the Relationship


The Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism in Britain Project is hosting a one-day conference for scholars, ministers and the interested public at King’s College Chapel, London, on Tuesday, 15 December 2009.

The conference will consider the ways in which Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism have expressed themselves in the social and historical conditions of Britain and engage such questions as:

•  Who have traditionally been Evangelicals and Fundamentalists? •  What doctrines have they upheld? •  What attitudes have they maintained? •  Have Evangelicals displayed the anger often considered characteristic of Fundamentalists?

The Keynote speakers will be:

* professor alister McGrath of King’s College, London -‘Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Science’

* Dr stephen holmes of the University of st andrews - ‘Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Theology’

* professor David bebbington of the University of stirling - ‘Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism in Britain’

For further information, including booking forms, please visit our website or email Andrew Tooley at