New worship learning community


Dan Wilt has been taking 15 or so of our worship team through an online training course, 'essentials', that has been deep, broad and life giving to our worship team and community.

In addition to leading the Worship and Arts Institute, Dan has moved to Nashville, to direct a new international worship learning community.

If you think this is about a band and 4 songs, think again.  Take a look and see the theological reflection, creativity and musical elements involved, some  are below.

-    Trinity -    The Kingdom Of God -    New Creation -    Resurrection -    Atonement -    Incarnation -    Worldview -    The Church Year (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter) -    Symbolic Actions (such as Communion and Baptism) -    The values of intimacy, integrity, accessibility, cultural relevance and Kingdom expectation in worship -    Spiritual Formation and Discipleship -    Songwriting and Worship Leadership -    Cultural Influence Through The Arts -    Discipleship -    Creativity -    Eucharist (communion), baptism, and other symbolic actions of worship -    Worship History -    Theology