New community for theological conversation and learning


I blogged back in july about a new venture by my denomination, who are trying to stimulate theological reflection and foster community around those conversations.

Well the 'society of vineyard scholars' now has a web site, with full details, including information on the first annual society event in Houstan, Texas, February 11-12th 2010.  I'm submitting a paper and planning on attending, and looking forward to meeting some fellow Vineyard folks engaged in Theology.

The society is open to those outside the Vineyard, and Vineyard people outside the USA. Looking at the about section, hopes to form around these values:

  • deep, collaborative theological reflection on crucial issues through the lens of the Kingdom of God
  • sound, mature publications that critically engage matters of importance to the life and thought of the Vineyard movement
  • relationships of inclusion and constructive dialogue for all scholars, seminarians, and graduate students who want to participate in the growing theological discourse of the Vineyard movement