Coming up this next week.....


So I hope you've enjoyed the series here on the Holy Spirit, led by Steve Hamilton, and thanks for all our comments and participations.

In the next week I plan to post two items.  One will be titled, 'Why I don't rate church rater', a comment and review of the site that my mate Jim Henderson, the site's author has asked me to write.  The title might give away that I think the site is more part of the problem it seeks to address, than any helpful solution.

Then a second piece titled, 'Do Christians spend too much time in Church?'.  I hear this accusation often.  The claim that Christians spend too long involved in church activities, or that churches expect people to spend too much time involved in church life.

I want to explore how this might be more of a shibboleth and self justifying accusation of consumer culture and agency, than a reasonable critique of church life (and I'm not arguing for people to spend all their time in church).