The Betrayal of Betrayal (or why being faithful honours the tradition)


I've known Richard Sudworth for several years now and bumped into him a various emerging church events over the years.

I've always valued his positive engagement that runs alongside a measured critique of so many ideas that get proposed for church life. So time to introduce you to Richard's blog and his latest piece that picks up a popular idea at present, of the Christian as rebel/trickster/heretic and now 'pirate'.

Richard responds to some ideas by Kester Brewin and Pete Rollins graciously but vigorously.

I left a rather long comment over there, that is my echo of concerns about these metaphors for the Christian life.

I suspect that they arise from something other than a vision for an embodied and moral life lived in Christian community with others, and are the fruit of, and have more to do with, the enabling of a life of self creation and isolation from others.

And in that sense I think they are are distinctly lacking in Christian identity and formation. But take a look and see what you think.