Re-imagining the Holy Spirit


Christianity magazine in March last year published an article on the decline of the charismatic amongst Christians.

I've previously referenced this development along with Robbie McAlpine's excellent book (that explores this in detail) 'Post Charismatic?' with regards to how little there is within emerging church resources about the Holy Spirit.

My church plant is located within The Association of  Vineyard Churches that was founded in the 'third wave'.  Whilst many of my long standing emerging church friend are post-charismatic, we have tried to explore our emerging identity and remain within our charismatic tradition.

Starting today, I begin a series on sundays that I hope will sum up our beliefs, understanding, and experience of the Holy Spirit from within our church community.

It's not an academic series, and is aimed at helping christians understand the Holy Spirit, and sets out why and how we are still a charismatic church.

By way of research, I've been reviewing early Vineyard Church source materials, drawing on my own studies/research, and the experience of 12 years of the planting and day to day life of our emerging church.

You can find the series on our Church site here, or on itunes here (please give us a few days to get the first talk online, subscribing to the podcast means you'll get them automatically as they are loaded each week)