The Development of Evangelicalism


It's taken me a few weeks to collect the books I need for my next tranche of PhD reading.  This Autumn/Fall I'll be exploring the development of the modern evangelical church and the relationship of the individual to the market, consumerism and ecclesiology.

This will form my chapter one of my PhD.   I am going to explore the question of whether evangelicalism is a creature of modernity, and response to industrialism. I’ll be trying to provide an historical account of how much the evangelical church is a carrier and distributor of the market.

I’ll be trying to do that with a general historical account of the last couple of hundred years then some examples of specific cases studies of evangelical groups, such as methodism and the salvation army. I’ll also explore how unlike these movements later renewal movements don’t take determinate social forms.

In other words whereas previous forms of evangelicalism led to forms of church that ordered the rest of life, later renewal movements had no corresponding exploration of polity, or ceded that to the nature of the market and secularism. Or at least I’ll be trying to see if that was the case. Ultimately I’ll be asking if the emerging church ecclesiology lacks any determinative social forms, and if this is a continuing detriment to christian identity and formation.

This account, I expect will be a mixed bag, of how the church resisted the logic of the market and how it succumbed to it. Evangelicalism has an under-told story of it’s relationship to the market, that I want to uncover.

Below is the initial list of books I'll be exploring.  If you know any others, do let me know.

Bebbington, D. W. Evangelicalism in Modern Britain : A History from the 1730's to the 1980's: Unwin Hyman, 1989.

Butler, Jon. Awash in a Sea of Faith : Christianizing the American People: Harvard University Press, 1990.

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