Summer Madness: review and new friends


I got back from Summer Madness, late this morning, after spending the night at Belfast International Aiport, thanks to Easy Jet.

I did all my seminars and main stage talk (details here). I must admit that my saturday night talk to nearly 5,000 people, had me the most nervous I have been in a long time.

I couldn't see a thing with the stage lights on me, and nearly lost 7lbs in weight from sweating in the heat. I was told it went well, and it was great to see the response with prayer/ministry afterwards. A real privilege to be invited into that space, and to share. As I got on stage, I asked everyone to shout hello to my kids and recorded it, and sent it to them via you tube which was a fun way to involve them..

Some highlights were old and new friends, that I got to spend time with. I got several late night beers and time with Andy Hickford, it was great to catch up with him, and reminisce on knowing each other for nearly 24 years.

Then some walking and time with Brian McLaren, and a fleeting catch up with Pete Rollins, and a quick coffee with Krish Kandia.

Then I got to meet and talk with a worship hero of mine Paul Baloche. I remember doing worship song arrangements with my band from his His is Faithful album, 15 years ago.

After three years of emailing each other, and trying to meet up, Sean Callaghan and I found out we were on site at the same time. I'm hoping he can input into some time with the Global Missional Leadership Doctor of Ministry program I'll be leading next year.

Then I got to know Andy Frost, and find out that we live only 3 miles from each other, and about the myriad of projects he directs.

Then getting to know a little and find out about Rachel Gardner, and some of what she is up to with the Romance Academy.

So a big thank you to John Kee, for inviting me, and to everyone who drove me around, fed me and took care of me. It was so great to see another part of the Body of Christ, so vibrant and engaging.