Society of Vineyard Scholars


It's encouraging to see my denomination trying to develop a space for theological reflection and resourcing. I'm hoping to get along to this 'Society of Vineyard Scholars' in Feb 2010.

More details are below, and blog post from the Vineyard USA director on the importance of theological reflection is here.

From their web site:

Vineyard USA is launching a new initiative, the Society of Vineyard Scholars (SVS). We are gathering the thinkers and scholars of our movement to “think theologically” in community—both in order to address the critical questions of the moment and to put down theological and intellectual roots for the long haul. Our expectation is that doing this well involves building a diverse, interconnected community of scholars, pastors, and scholar-pastors within our movement. Ultimately, our desire is both to deepen our theological reflection and to broaden our engagement with our culture. Towards these ends, we anticipate holding conferences and other events to provide forums for collaborating and sharing intellectual work as well as pursuing other ways of facilitating connections among current Vineyard seminarians, graduate students, and scholars.

If you are interested in receiving communication about SVS please click on the "Interested in SVS" button to the right, and fill out the information so we can get to know more about you.


Bert Waggoner National Director, Vineyard USA