How much of a Calvinist are you?


I've been asked several times by people about the Time Magazine article earlier this year, that suggested that The New Calvinism was one of the 10 ideas that is changing the world.

On one level the development of more black and white ways of seeing the world, and beliefs isn't a surprise given the free for all, believe in nothing nature of our western culture. Certainty at a time of uncertainty is to be expected.

But with this article, and some recent questions, beyond my gut feeling that I'm not a New Calvinist, I've realised that most of my responses to Calvinism are based on little knowledge and crude stereotypes.

Whether new Calvinism embodies Calvin is a big question, and what Calvinism is itself beyond the stereotypes are important questions. So Im approaching this in two ways.

Firstly I just got hold of 'Why I'm not a Calvinist', by Walls and Dongell, to try to form some sensible answers and reflections. Secondly I took this online test, which is probably based on some crude stereotypes, to measure my Calvinistic tendencies.

One was fun and waste of time, the other worthwhile and educational.

BTW my results were that I am apparently 50% Calvinist, and detailed results below. What are yours?

Test your C-Factor
You are somewhat of a Calvinist. Some of your points of view make you look like a Calvinist. However, you live your life in a lighter way than Calvinists do, which allows you to enjoy it more.
Category Score Comment
Work 100% You sure have a Calvinistic working ethos. You never work hard enough; work for you is your bounden duty. You are the type of employee any company desires, but the balance between your work and private life may get disturbed.
Strictness 20% You know how to enjoy life. You don't always spend your time in a useful way. Mind the balance!
Sobriety 17% You were not born to be a Calvinist. Catholicism suits you better � slightly hedonistic, loose and emotional.
Relationships 0% In your relationships you are not very reserved. One might say: uncalvinistic. You let yourself go too easily to be a Calvinist.
Beliefs 60% You are an unconcerned believer, who doesn't worry too much.