Summer Madness: speaking in Belfast


Friday morning next week I'm flying to Belfast, to speak at Summer Madness. It's a pretty large event with about 5,000 in attendance, and my first visit.

I've been asked by John Kee and his team to do a seminar each day for three days, and one main stage talk. In terms of titles/themes I've been asked to speak on, they've been advertised as:

Seminar 1 GOD AT WORK Career and job choice are not just questions facing school leavers. Most people change career and job many times. How do I choose? Is God interested? Jason shares his thoughts and experiences - from a background in City of London trading/investment broking - to pastoring a Church.

Seminar 2 I SHOP THEREFORE I AM How does the church – all of us - face up to the challenge of living life in a world where ‘purchase power’ is everything and the culture of defining who we are by what we own, and wear, and drive…and know – is all pervasive.

Seminar 3 GOD ON FACEBOOK if Jesus came back today, how would the Internet influence his ministry? What would he think of the idea of ‘Facebook’ friends who connect in cyberspace without ever meeting face-to-face? What are the new ‘online realities’, what is happening online and how can it extend or undermine our formation.

MAINSTAGE TALK – SATURDAY PM "Finding Myself: In the last place I might look"

Now I just need to get on and prepare them! :-) Brian McLaren will be there, I'm looking forward to catching up with him, and my oldest friend and best friend, Andy Hickford who introduced me to Jesus just over 23 years ago.