Getting Published


For me, this year is becoming a year of getting some writing published.

Back in 2006, I had a chapter published in 'Let My People Grow', on spiritual formation in a western emerging context.

It was based around one of the chapters for my Doctor of Ministry dissertation, 'Via Media: the necessity of deeper theological reflection for the genuine renewal of church in the emerging culture and context'. I published that dissertation online with, and now Lulu have listed it on, you can find it here.

Then this year, I have two chapters for a book with Scott McKnight and Pete Rollins, titled, 'Christ and Postmodern Culture, that should be out end of the year.

And now I'm editing my presentation from Ancient Worship Anglican Futures, along with my summary of the event into a chapter, that will be part of a collection of the presentations from the event.

And I will start posting some of those reflections at the end of this week here. Later today I'm off to Rippon College, at Oxford University. I've been asked to give the homily at their eucharist service.

I'll be talking about the experience of being a low church minister, engaging in the renewal and retrieval of liturgy.