Ancient Worship Anglican Futures - blog series #awaf


So I am beginning my series here on the Ancient Worship Anglican Futures conference, as promised.

In this series, I'll be including:

1. Presentation: A summary of my presentation that opened the conference, within which I gave some of the issues that I think some of the emerging church has to face, where might be stuck/struggling and why. Also presenting these areas with regards to how the great tradition of the church might resource those issues. In other words given my location and limited experience planting a church and being involved in emerging church, what are some of the biggest challenges within that, that the conference focus be able to might resource.

2. Resources/Responses: Then having done that, I'll be posting my thoughts from the conference, the speakers and input they gave, in terms of how some of what they brought to us at the event, might relate to those issues, and help, connect.

3. Book Chapter: This will also be an outline of the chapter I am writing for the book that will be a product of the event.

4. #AWAF: In keeping with the hash tag we used to twitter during the event, all my posts in this series will included the tag #awaf, and be cross linked/posted to facebook and twitter, for the #awaf archive/group.