Ancient Worship Anglican Futures


I'm off today for the Anglican Worship Ancient Futures conference that I have helped plan and will be leading/facilitating, and presenting at.

I'm looking forward what should be superb content and resourcing, and to making new friends and catching up with some old ones. This really should be a superb event. I'll also be leaching for a day prior to the event on 'Deep Church' at Trinity Seminary.

We'll be using twitter to interact during the event, and you can follow along with us, here are some suggestions for how to:

1. Visual following: at some points if we can get on screen, it looks great and people can see new thoughts and questions. If you go the link type in #awaf and see what this does.

2. We're asking people to use #awaf in their tweets, that we can then track them at,, and This group will give a permannent record of the tweets from the event.

3. I'll also being using the search facility of and will encourage other to use it too.

4. Then the old fashioned way, people can send an email to, as well as being able to sms/text questions.

And of course we'll take questions at the event direct from people, and via paper.