Restoration: A new church in Anaheim, CA 92807


My old friend, Carl Tuttle, is starting a new church community in Anaheim Hills, CA, USA.

I'm cheering him on. Carl is one of my heroes, and one the most influential people in my life with regards to church planting. In 1999 when I had a complete nervous breakdown, he was there for me with support in so many ways.

Carl has had his own dark times, that he readily shares and it's great to see him in a good space now. If I was in Anheim and looking for a community that would be real, and engaging with faith and community, I'd be at that first meeting.

So if you're in the area of have friends in the area, do let them know. This will be something special.

The first meeting for people interested in Restoration Fellowship is this coming Sunday. The evening will include worship, sharing of the mission of the fellowship and connecting with one another.

Date: Sunday May 31st

Time: 6:00PM. Location: 5100 E. La Palma Ave Suite 119, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807.

More info here.