How has your social media life changed?


I was thinking about how much my online life has developed since I started blogging 6 years ago. after running an email resource newsletter for a few years before that.

Back in late 2002 early 2003, when blogging was taking off, it was an exciting time, starting a blog, seeing visitors and comments develop, and all the great learning and connections that have happened over the years through that.

So how have things changed in the last 6 years for me:

1. Blogging: is more focused, scheduled and a key place in my online life. Whilst blogging was once central to my online life, it's now just one tool amongst many and I suspect is that way for many people. The pressure for new content, to update and interact has been a challenge at times, until I found a flow and pattern that was workable for me.

2. Facebook/Twitter:These tools with micro/nano blogging have opened up a whole new world of interactions, for connecting with people, updates, resourcing, messaging. In some ways they seem more relational and less content driven than the blog, but at the same time they interconnect with some of the blog material and topics, and feed each other. I feel the richer for the interactions with people all over the world, and closer to home in these areas.

3. Integrated:The technology seems to be getting out of the way of itself for me, and is integrated into my life, instead of being a thing itself. Like being the first person with a mobile and making calls just for the sake of using the mobile, at some point you use a mobile within your life and don't think about the fact that you're using a mobile, it becomes ubiquitous.

It's the move from a being a 'blogger' to some who 'blogs'. I think we are long way from the the technology being the focus itself, but it seems to be getting there.

How this all shakes down and what it all looks like in the future I don't know, and there is much about it that is a foolish end in itself (like most things in life), but I can't imagine some of the best things in my life without it.

So how has your online world changed and been developing?