What is the Gospel?


I've been asked to write a short post around the title/topic of, 'What is the Gospel'. It will be part of series over Easter, by practitioners, professors, authors and bloggers (including David Fitch, Eugene Cho, Raffi Shahinian, Kurt Fredrickson, Christine Sine, Len Hjalmarson, J.R. Briggs, J.R. Rozko, John Chandler, Kathy Hanson, Raffi Shahinian, John Santic), put together by J R Woodward.

In particular my answer must respond to this brief:

'If your local city newspaper asked you to write 300 to 500 words on: What is the Good News? or Describe the Good News - what would you write? The unique twist to this is that you are obviously writing to a wide group of people with various backgrounds and life issues - the people in your city.'

So whilst I mull that over and write something, I wondered what short answers you would give to your city?