The Fruits of The Spirit


I'm about to start a series in our Sunday services on the Fruits of the Spirit (all my sunday talks appear here). One book I'll be making frequent reference to is, by my mate Alan Mann. Alan was a co-author of several books with Steve Chalke, including the infamous, Lost Message of Jesus.

Alan's latest book, is I think his best and is starting to develop some appropriate momentum, titled, 'A Permanent Becoming'.

So not only is this one of the only books on the Fruits of the Spirit, it's focus on the mundane of life, compared the the thrills of consumer society, and and hype of much of the Christian life and church, is refreshing. But it's not a jeremiad, rather a revolutionary call to a way of life so intrinsic to the Christian Faith, yet so easily missed in our attention deficit world.

Here's the quote I wrote that was printed on the back of the book:

''In our secular world becoming a christian is almost synonymous with becoming a 'worse' person, and somehow less than 'human'. Through a beautiful and compelling exposition of the 'Fruits of the Spirit' alongside a rediscovery of the true 'humanity' of Jesus, Alan Mann explores how life in Christ is in fact the only way to be truly, deeply and fully human in the face of our pop-corn/microwave quick fix culture'

I couldn't recommend it more to you all, it's one of the best books for christian formation that I have ever read.