The case for compelling christianity?


Paul writes... my soul has been searched. The itch has been scratched. The questions aired if not always fully answered. Acceptance has been obtained, a normal level of anxiety and stress achieved.

I have come to a place in myself where, for the moment, I am happy to be a christian.

I sort of have my head around a few issues that really used to bug me and others I can now shrug at knowing that some mystery and suspense is ok.

Really I'm ok, i'm happy with having a common tradition, i'm happy seeing myself as much part of the problem of why christians are so annoying at times and can also see that owning up to this goes along way to start joining the solution.

There's just one slight fly in the oitment, i have no idea anymore why anyone who isn't a christian would want to be one. I can think of some possbily platitudinous and what seem potentially patronising answers to that question but nothing that really sticks.

I once was a compulsion christian, now I just want to know what you think is compelling for other people to want to be one?