Paul writes... on Slipstream which is the Evangelical Alliance’s leadership resource this month their edition features interviews with Gary Habermas and Tim Keller with a special focus on apologetics and the resurrection.

In conjunction with this, Krish Kandiah has asked Christian bloggers to write a blog entry, on Maundy Thursday, about what Jesus’ resurrection means to them. So feel free to write your own post or leave your thoughts here...

For me the greatest thing about the resurrection of Jesus is the hope that it brings. I have no way of proving that there is anything beyond death but the resurrection of Jesus gives faith to my hope that this life is not all that there is.

It gives me a hope that the way I live my life now resounds across time. That the good things of this life, the laughter, the helping hand freely offered, the embrace given, the forgiveness offered, the sweetness and sacrifices of love do not fade away.

It gives me hope that eternity is not abstract, that I am not just a disembodied spirit floating on a cloud air harping. It tells me that who I am now will come back again, that we not only get life back but we get our bodies back too. Improved, perfected, but still recognisable as to who we are now in this life. Our identies infused and unified with God but still so personal, precious and unique.

That hope of the life to come as me with Jesus gives me a hope now too to face this reality with Jesus. That beyond my pains and my half hearted attempts to numb them there is something more...

or so I hope...

What does the resurrection mean for you..?