101 Things to do before you leave church...


My wife inspired by the a review of this book, 101 Things To Do Before You Diet, suggested I use a variation of this for a book title, 101 Things To Do Before You Leave Church.  I like that idea and title, and have started working an outline for it :-)

The idea of the diet book, is that 1) diets don't work 2) There are lots of other healthy things to do before you try dieting.

So in that spirit, I thought I'd ask you, for suggestions, and see how many we can get towards 101. (The rules for posting are, that they must be constructive comments about things you can do before leaving church, that might make a difference. This is not a chance to comment about why you left church or want to leave church, and is not a judgment statement about people who have left church, is not a naive belief in church, or a power play to maintain church. If you have anxieties about the nature and purpose of church and what is church, post them under other places on this blog. With all those caveats, make sure your comments follows the format below).

In amongst all blue-print, idealism about church, what are the small, ordinary and yet revolutionary changes, that could transform church, before we might leave it?

I'll start with one:

'Be the change the want to see in the church: Before you leave because the church doesn't do what you think it should do and be, you try and be that change first, and invite others into that, and see what happens.'