New: open source learning community 'Reflective Practice'


One of the things I hope the new D.Min in Global Missional Leadership, that I will be leading, is that it develops into an open learning community.

By that, I hope that the experience of the students is a catalyst to a much larger learning community. We are wanting people in other countries who want to attend the face to face times to join us. Also people who can't afford the expense and time, we hope will take part in aspects, through the online component with us.

So books, podcast, blogs, discussions, teaching from people who input, along with relationships and connects around the world, are what we are hoping this program will develop.

So as we get ready to launch later this year, we've set up a new site with Ning,

So far we've got photos and videos from some of the places the face to face times will take place at, and with the people who will be taking part in the program. Also you can sign up as a member, and get updates pushed to you.