My and my big mouth...


So last week I am speaking at Calvin College, marveling at the record amounts of snow they have had, and telling my new friends there, that I can't remember the last time it snowed back home so much that cars were stuck, trains cancelled, schools closed etc.

Also I waxed lyrical about how my kids haven't ever seen that kind of snow, living in the south of England, and wondering if they ever would.

So I get up early with jet lag at 4:50 am. and notice it has been snowing. It's not until I go to leave my house at 5:30 a.m they I realize it's 8 inches thick, and my drive and car and street are buried in snow.


Listening to the radio, I'm told it's the worst snow since 1981. I would have been 12 years old in my first year at high school, and I remember that winter, it's the kind I was telling my Calvin friends, I haven't seen since then.

No trains, no buses, and no way my car can get out of the drive. So I decide to walk to my office.

First and only time I can remember walking to my office in the middle of the road, where I could just about walk. It was so quite, not one car came along behind me, and couple struggled the other way. Some cars had already been abandoned stuck by the road.

It was so quite, more so than Christmas day. Then I saw them like zombies from one of those post apocalypse movies, shuffling up the road towards me. People who had tried the train station, walking home, greeting me and telling, almost like a liturgical geeting 'no trains, no tubes, no buses'.


So I've told the staff not to come in, and as an introvert will make the most of the office to myself. As the snow is piled up outside our entrance, and it is still snowing, I hope I can get out later to make the journey home.