Church, World and Leadership Overview


Now that I've institutional agreement for the new D.Min that I'll be leading, it's time to get the course materials together and I want to ask for your help.  George Fox, have now got the course up on their site for people who are interested in applying.

The first module for the course is D.Min 517, 'Church, World and Leadership Overview'.  This first term is about getting an overview of how the world has changed in these three domains.  Before we get down to key themes and challenges, this module is about getting a big picture view, historically, economically, theologically, culturally.

So if you had any books, and resources to recommend for this topic what would you suggest?  I'm asking people to post into the Wiki that I've set up in the GML Ning learning community site for this programme.  I'll be posting my initial ideas there too.

So if you have some great ideas and resources, click here, add your stuff to our Wiki, and help us get the Global Missional Leadership learning community for reflective practitioners under way.