New Director General for the Evangelical Alliance UK


I'm on the council of the Evangelical Alliance UK, and got a heads up earlier this week, about the announcement that came out in public today, that Steve Clifford is new EA UK Director General.

When the EA were looking for a new director I thought what a tough role for someone, with the current situation of the church in the UK, and the challenges evangelicals face.

I must admit when I heard the news, I thought what a superb choice. In my interactions with Steve over the last few years, he has impressed me as someone who is a strong leader, highly relational, widely respected and deeply connected across the church. He's also someone who will find a lot of support on the ground, from all the real world ministries he so extensively involved in.

In short a top choice for a demanding role, and I'm sure he'll bring energy, momentum and direction. His appointment has got me excited about the possible directions for the EA UK.

It's a very high profile appointment, with the Telegraph Newspaper carry it, and you can read their piece and comment in here.