I exist: can you help me change the law?


Many of you have followed and supported my wife and I as we have battled for our youngest daughters special education needs. She is on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, with regards to her needs and challenges.

There is a new private members bill before our parliament, that if enacted would enable access to needed support for people like my daughter.

However the bill requires at least 100 Members of Parliament (MP) to be heard and voted on, Friday 27th February, and most MPs would have left for home before a Friday.

So with only 14 MPs committed to attending, there are only 35 days to encourage others to attend and vote on the bill.

The National Autistic Society, have an online form that you can complete that then emails your local MP directly, asking them to be there for the vote. So if you are british, can I encourage you to complete the online form, which takes a couple of minutes?